What are the Best Websites to Buy Land in Georgia? (2024)

Land values in Georgia have steadily ticked upward over the past 10 years. According to recent data from the USDA, the average price per acre for farms and rural land across the state rose nearly 8% last year to hit $4,500. Thanks to growing interest from farmers, developers and individual buyers alike, Georgia's land market shows room for investors to find opportunities. But marketing and selling empty plots at fair prices remains tough without using the right online land listing websites.

Best Websites to Buy Land in Georgia

For Georgia residents aiming to purchase affordable acreage across different parts of the state, leveraging thoughtfully designed land listing sites can really simplify property searches. This article reviews 5 top options that buyers can use to browse raw vacant land for sale in GA online.

  • Lands of America
  • Land And Farm
  • Landwatch
  • Zillow
  • Trulia

We’ll outline the key features of each website below, along with tips for filtering relevant land listings in efficient ways to match needs for location, size, pricing and usage. Whether seeking wooded mountain acreage, cropland or pasture suitable for horses, smart online tools empower buyers to hone in on deals that align.

Benefits of Buying Land Online in Georgia

Utilizing land listing sites to search for vacant plots, ranches and other rural property offers multiple advantages for GA buyers including:

  • Access listings statewide from all devices
  • Filter specifically by criteria like county, acreage, price
  • View listing details on demand without contacting agents
  • Save favorite properties to review later
  • Receive email alerts when new matches appear

While sites like Lands of America and Landwatch specialize specifically in marketing land for sale, even popular real estate platforms Zillow and Trulia provide search functionality to pinpoint vacant parcels. Land buyers are encouraged to deploy multiple tools when assessing opportunities.

Top 5 Websites to Buy Land in Georgia

Lands of America

As the largest land listing marketplace focused solely on rural real estate, Lands of America should rank among Georgia buyers’ most valuable online resources. With over $14 billion in properties listed across the U.S., the site connects land seekers and landowners directly regarding vacant land deals of all sizes. Lands of America also stands out with helpful lifestyle content about pursuing different land uses from farming to recreation.

Useful Filters

Users can apply an array of filters to tailor property searches effectively with parameters like:

  • State: Georgia
  • County
  • Price range
  • Lot size
  • Land use types

This allows quickly identifying matches that may require additional research. Given nuances in zoning restrictions and development feasibility between counties, buyers should conduct due diligence investigating parcels of interest.

Land And Farm

Another leading land marketplace, Land and Farm boasts over $6 billion in U.S. land and rural properties currently listed. The site offers a clean, image-focused design allowing users to scan attractive photos and property details easily. For buyers focused strictly on Georgia opportunities, filtering ability remains critical.

Useful Filters

Handy search filters that buyers can set preferences with include:

  • State: Georgia
  • County/region
  • Price range
  • Acreage
  • Property features like pond site or views

Saving favorite listings enables convenient return access rather than endlessly re-configuring filters. Land And Farm also provides estimates of land value based on broader area comps. This helps gauge appropriate price ranges to set when searching.

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While slightly smaller in total property inventory than Lands of America and Land and Farm, Landwatch still promotes over $3 billion in land and rural real estate for sale nationwide. The site retains a streamlined design that many users find highly functional for pinpointing relevant pieces that match acreage, locality and budget preferences.

Key Filters

Typical criteria buyers can filter Georgia land listings effectively with include:

  • State: Georgia
  • County
  • Lot size acreage
  • Price range
  • Property attributes like wooded or cleared

For investors seeking more remote and secluded parcels, Landwatch grants helpful map perspectives and terrain views. As with any property purchase, due diligence checking county planning restrictions that could limit land usage remains essential before buying.


Although better known as a residential real estate marketplace, Zillow still indexes over $800 million worth of land listings nationwide. For Georgia buyers focused strictly on vacant land, drilling down through Zillow’s filters helps isolate suitable matches that may fly under the radar.

Relevant Filters

Key parameters shoppers can set to filter land parcels for sale in Georgia include:

  • Property type: Land
  • State: Georgia
  • County
  • Lot size
  • Price

One advantage of a massive site like Zillow are the supplemental neighborhood details provided alongside some land listings. This data allows quick area assessments regarding recent sales trends, median incomes and area home values.


As another heavyweight real estate marketplace, Trulia allows buyers to search land property types while accessing over $700 million in total land and lot listings across the U.S. The site’s popular heat map tool visually displays Georgia land sale histories by price per square foot. This grants helpful context when evaluating deals.

Filters to Use

Handy filters for configuring land searches effectively include:

  • Property type: Land
  • State: Georgia
  • County
  • Lot dimensions
  • Price range
  • Keywords like “pasture” or “pond”

Both Trulia and Zillow land searches also pull up adjacent homes as comparisons regarding vicinity, neighborhood quality and general area pricing. This assists assess competitive value for vacant land opportunities.

Tips for Buying Georgia Land Online

When utilizing land listing sites to pursue affordable investment acreage or land for personal use in Georgia, employ the following best practices:

  • Tailor searches by filtering only property types, locations and dimensions matching needs
  • Confirm county level zoning rules won’t limit intended usage
  • Verify all easem*nts, boundaries and rights of way on parcel maps
  • Research recent area land sale comps to estimate pricing
  • Drive or walk the property before purchase to assess pros/cons
  • Negotiate with motivated sellers listing land 6+ months

Proper due diligence protects against disappointment later. While online land listings offer convenience finding matches that merit deeper inspection, smart buyers dig into every detail possible before committing to buy.

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Final Thoughts

For Georgians aiming to purchase vacant acreage, pasture or woodlands across different parts of the state, using purpose-built land listing websites simplifies property searches dramatically while saving time and gas money. Platforms like Lands of America, Land and Farm and Landwatch allow configuring customized results by purchase criteria.

Even when searching popular real estate sites Zillow and Trulia, properly filtering for land/lot property types provides access to under-the-radar opportunities. By combining online filtering with wise steps assessing zoning, easem*nts and pricing suitability, buyers enhance success identifying good land investments at fair asking values.

Just remember - while technology enables broad digital reach scouting deals, always put boots on the ground to walk the land before money changes hands. Careful due diligence continues determining land buying fortunes in 2023 Georgia and beyond.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the top websites for buying land in Georgia?

Some of the best websites for buying land in Georgia include Lands of America, Land and Farm, Landwatch, Zillow, and Trulia. These sites allow you to search for vacant land listings across Georgia and filter by criteria like location, acreage, price, and land use type.

Should I use a specialized land listing platform or a general real estate site?

Specialized land listing platforms like Lands of America and Landwatch focus specifically on rural properties and land. This allows for more robust filtering tools and inventory. However, checking general real estate sites like Zillow and Trulia can still uncover good land deals, so using both types of sites is best.

What filters should I use when searching for land online?

Helpful filters to use when searching for Georgia land online include state, county, price range, lot acreage, land use type, property features, terrain, and whether the parcel has access or utilities. Applying filters helps isolate listings matching your buying criteria.

Is buying land online through listings a risky purchase?

There are always risks in buying land without seeing it, but land seekers can mitigate those by verifying zoning restrictions in the county, checking easem*nts and boundary maps, researching local land values, and visiting the property before purchasing. Be an informed buyer.

Should I work with a land agent or buy directly from the seller?

Many land listing sites allow buyers to contact sellers directly without an agent as an intermediary. This provides more negotiation leverage for some buyers. However, for complex transactions or cases requiring specialized expertise, utilizing a qualified agent remains wise. Know when to seek help.

What are the Best Websites to Buy Land in Georgia? (2024)


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