Boston Properties (NYSE:BXP) Lowered to Sell at (2024)

Posted by MarketBeat News on May 7th, 2024

Boston Properties (NYSE:BXP) Lowered to Sell at (1) downgraded shares of Boston Properties (NYSE:BXPFree Report) from a hold rating to a sell rating in a research note released on Friday.

Other equities research analysts have also recently issued reports about the stock. BMO Capital Markets decreased their price target on shares of Boston Properties from $80.00 to $78.00 and set an outperform rating on the stock in a research note on Monday, April 8th. Barclays reduced their price target on shares of Boston Properties from $67.00 to $66.00 and set an equal weight rating for the company in a report on Wednesday, March 27th. Deutsche Bank Aktiengesellschaft assumed coverage on shares of Boston Properties in a research report on Tuesday, January 30th. They issued a hold rating and a $74.00 price objective for the company. Wedbush cut their price target on shares of Boston Properties from $66.00 to $63.00 and set a neutral rating on the stock in a research note on Thursday, May 2nd. Finally, Truist Financial decreased their price objective on shares of Boston Properties from $77.00 to $75.00 and set a hold rating on the stock in a report on Tuesday, March 5th. Two equities research analysts have rated the stock with a sell rating, eleven have assigned a hold rating and five have issued a buy rating to the company’s stock. According to data from MarketBeat, the stock currently has a consensus rating of Hold and a consensus price target of $69.53.

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Boston Properties Stock Up 1.3 %

BXP stock opened at $61.56 on Friday. The company has a debt-to-equity ratio of 1.91, a current ratio of 4.77 and a quick ratio of 5.40. The firm has a market capitalization of $9.67 billion, a P/E ratio of 50.46 and a beta of 1.15. Boston Properties has a 52-week low of $46.80 and a 52-week high of $73.97. The company’s 50 day simple moving average is $62.57 and its 200-day simple moving average is $63.17.

Boston Properties (NYSE:BXPGet Free Report) last announced its earnings results on Wednesday, May 1st. The real estate investment trust reported $0.51 EPS for the quarter, missing the consensus estimate of $1.73 by ($1.22). The company had revenue of $839.44 million during the quarter, compared to the consensus estimate of $808.68 million. Boston Properties had a net margin of 5.81% and a return on equity of 2.35%. The business’s revenue was up 4.5% on a year-over-year basis. During the same quarter in the previous year, the company earned $1.73 earnings per share. As a group, equities research analysts anticipate that Boston Properties will post 7.07 EPS for the current year.

Boston Properties Announces Dividend

The business also recently disclosed a quarterly dividend, which was paid on Tuesday, April 30th. Stockholders of record on Thursday, March 28th were issued a dividend of $0.98 per share. The ex-dividend date of this dividend was Wednesday, March 27th. This represents a $3.92 annualized dividend and a dividend yield of 6.37%. Boston Properties’s payout ratio is currently 321.31%.

Insider Transactions at Boston Properties

In other news, EVP Raymond A. Ritchey sold 14,150 shares of the business’s stock in a transaction that occurred on Wednesday, March 6th. The shares were sold at an average price of $62.84, for a total transaction of $889,186.00. The transaction was disclosed in a document filed with the SEC, which is accessible through this link. Insiders own 1.35% of the company’s stock.

Institutional Inflows and Outflows

Hedge funds and other institutional investors have recently bought and sold shares of the stock. Vanguard Group Inc. increased its position in Boston Properties by 0.3% during the fourth quarter. Vanguard Group Inc. now owns 23,446,379 shares of the real estate investment trust’s stock valued at $1,645,232,000 after acquiring an additional 62,539 shares during the last quarter. Norges Bank purchased a new stake in Boston Properties during the fourth quarter valued at approximately $890,848,000. Allspring Global Investments Holdings LLC raised its position in Boston Properties by 3.8% during the first quarter. Allspring Global Investments Holdings LLC now owns 4,502,079 shares of the real estate investment trust’s stock valued at $294,031,000 after purchasing an additional 166,105 shares during the period. Senvest Management LLC raised its holdings in shares of Boston Properties by 6.3% in the third quarter. Senvest Management LLC now owns 3,035,887 shares of the real estate investment trust’s stock worth $180,575,000 after buying an additional 179,547 shares during the period. Finally, Northern Trust Corp increased its holdings in Boston Properties by 9.6% during the 3rd quarter. Northern Trust Corp now owns 2,780,809 shares of the real estate investment trust’s stock worth $165,403,000 after purchasing an additional 243,246 shares during the period. Institutional investors and hedge funds own 98.72% of the company’s stock.

Boston Properties Company Profile

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Boston Properties, Inc (NYSE: BXP) (BXP or the Company) is the largest publicly traded developer, owner, and manager of premier workplaces in the United States, concentrated in six dynamic gateway markets – Boston, Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, Seattle, and Washington, DC. BXP has delivered places that power progress for our clients and communities for more than 50 years.

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Boston Properties (NYSE:BXP) Lowered to Sell at (2024)


What is the outlook for Boston Properties? ›

The average price target for Boston Properties is $72.57. This is based on 8 Wall Streets Analysts 12-month price targets, issued in the past 3 months. The highest analyst price target is $78.00 ,the lowest forecast is $65.00. The average price target represents 17.26% Increase from the current price of $61.89.

Is BXP a good investment? ›

Given that BXP has a Zacks Rank #3 and an ESP in positive territory, investors might want to consider this stock ahead of earnings. You can see the complete list of today's Zacks #1 Rank (Strong Buy) stocks here.

What is the target price for BXP? ›

Stock Price Target
Current Price$60.07

Is Boston Properties publicly traded? ›

In June 1997, the company became a public company via an initial public offering.

What is the prediction for Boston real estate? ›

Nick Warren: The 2024 housing market is expected to mirror 2023's trends, characterized by reduced sales volume and generally stable prices. Here's why: High interest rates. Forecasts suggest minimal fluctuation in interest rates for 2024.

What is the Boston real estate forecast for 2024? ›

In 2024, the Massachusetts housing market is projected to undergo moderate growth. Predictions for Greater Boston suggest an incremental increase through the year, with notable growth by early 2025.

How often does BXP pay dividends? ›

Boston Properties, Inc. ( BXP ) pays dividends on a quarterly basis.

What is BXP annual revenue? ›

Annual Revenue Guidance: Projected at $3261.46 million, maintaining consistency with prior forecasts. Annual Net Income: Estimated at $348.53 million for the year, as previously anticipated.

Is Boston Properties a REIT? ›

BXP Profile

BXP is a fully integrated real estate company, organized as a real estate investment trust (REIT).

Who are the largest shareholders of BXP? ›

Largest shareholders include Vanguard Group Inc, BlackRock Inc., Norges Bank, State Street Corp, APG Asset Management US Inc., VGSIX - Vanguard Real Estate Index Fund Investor Shares, Jpmorgan Chase & Co, Allspring Global Investments Holdings, LLC, VTSMX - Vanguard Total Stock Market Index Fund Investor Shares, and ...

What is the stock price prediction for Boston Properties in 2025? ›

Boston Properties Stock Prediction 2025

The Boston Properties stock prediction for 2025 is currently $ 61.42, assuming that Boston Properties shares will continue growing at the average yearly rate as they did in the last 10 years. This would represent a -0.52% increase in the BXP stock price.

What is the future target price? ›

A target price is an estimate of the future price of a stock. Target prices are based on earnings forecasts and assumed valuation multiples.

What is the BXP forecast? ›

On average, Wall Street analysts predict that Boston Properties's share price could reach $75.29 by Apr 8, 2025. The average Boston Properties stock price prediction forecasts a potential upside of 27.06% from the current BXP share price of $59.25.

Is Boston real estate overvalued? ›

According to a report by CoreLogic, the Greater Boston real estate market is currently “overvalued” due to two years of pandemic-fueled growth. Home prices in Boston have been growing at a 10 percent-faster pace than local incomes, pushing the market into overvalued territory.

Who owns most of Boston real estate? ›

Top 10 Owners in Boston, Massachusetts
  • Colliers International Group Inc. Property Developer Real Estate Broker Owner. ...
  • Boston Realty Advisors. Real Estate Broker Owner. ...
  • Holland & Knight Llp. Owner Legal Services. ...
  • The Davis Companies. ...
  • Boston Properties. ...
  • City Realty Boston. ...
  • Winn Companies. ...
  • Tishman Speyer.

Are Boston real estate prices dropping? ›

Prices haven't dropped everywhere — in fact, in most cases, they climbed last year — in most Greater Boston communities because no matter how high interest rates get, first-time buyers are still desperate for a home.

Is Boston real estate a good investment? ›

With rental rates well above the national average and one of the highest appreciation rates in the nation, the Boston real estate market is built on solid economic fundamentals. Apartment vacancy rates are incredibly low in Boston. Savvy investors are utilizing square footage better than ever to produce better returns.

Is Boston worth moving to? ›

Boston is an ideal place to study, work, and raise a family with its eclectic array of arts and culture, restaurants, shopping destinations, outdoor activities, and historical sites. Here is what you need to know before you move.


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