All Warhammer Tacticus Codes: Active and Expired (July 2024) (2024)

Updated July 3, 2024

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Pick up your weapon and fight until doomsday in Warhammer 40,000: Tacticus. As your team of ultimate soldiers grows stronger, you will lead them to become the most unbeatable force in the universe. Who am I to say no to that task? As a long-lasting fan of the Warhammer universe, I just had to try the mobile addition to this rich franchise!

However, even though I was excited at first, boss fights soon started giving me headaches, so I decided to seek help and use some Warhammer: Tacticus codes. With enough energy, blackstones, and coins I got from redeeming those codes, I got to the level where I enjoyed every tough fight, no matter the opponent. If you’re a fan of strategic mobile games like me, feel free to check our list of Dragonheir: Silent Gods Codes and redeem them for freebies in that popular title!

All Warhammer: Tacticus Codes List

Working Warhammer: Tacticus Codes

  • 2500EV: Rewards (New)
  • WARSORRY: Rewards
  • HUNT4CLUES: Rewards
  • RATSAWAY: Rewards
  • ILOVEXENOS: Rewards
  • GRIMLOVE: Rewards
  • wesblackmane11: Rewards
  • RANDOMSORRY: Rewards
  • MAJORLEAPER: x15 Deathleaper Shards, x3000 Coins
  • JACKTOTH: Toth shards x10, Ahriman shards x5
  • WELCOME: Blackstone x500
  • AHEM: Blackstone x500
  • WARHAMMER: Blacstone x200, Coins x3000
  • CAPS: Raid tickets x5
  • GALAXY: Blackstone x300, Coins x5000
  • SUMMON: Requisition Order x1
  • SRSBSNS: Combat Knife x1

Expired Warhammer: Tacticus Codes

  • SKULLS23
  • MOP-24-ICY
  • Redwhiteblue2023
  • AZHAIKU2023
  • EQUINOX2023

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How to redeem codes in Warhammer 40k: Tacticus

Redeeming codes in Warhammer 40,000: Tacticus is a simple procedure available after you reach level 15. Follow these steps to collect your rewards right away:

  1. Launch Warhammer: Tacticus.
  2. Tap the Settings button in the upper right corner (after reaching level 15).
  3. Copy and paste the code from the list above in the INPUT CODE box.
  4. Click on the green Redeem button and claim your rewards.

Where to find more Warhammer: Tacticus codes

The fans of Warhammer: Tacticus can get more information about codes and other game-related announcements on the official social media channels. The best resource for updates about giveaways and other free stuff is the official X account (@tacticus40000) or the official Reddit community (r/WH40KTacticus). Also, the official Tacticus Discord server can be a great asset if you want to learn more about in-game tips, new upgraded weapons, and ways to get them. For more information about freebies, check out these socials as well:

If digging through social media is too much for you, we recommend bookmarking this article (CTRL+D) and visiting it occasionally, as we find all the working codes and put them in one place for your convenience.

Why are my Warhammer 40,000: Tacticus codes not working?

Redeeming codes in mobile games can get tricky, especially in Warhammer: Tacticus. Pay attention to case-sensitive characters or difficult combinations of letters, numbers, and special symbols that these codes often contain. We recommend copying and pasting codes from the list above instead of entering them manually.

Also, you may run into an expired code from time to time, as developers usually don’t specify their end dates. If you notice any on our list, please let us know in the comments section, and we will investigate the matter.

How to get more free rewards in Warhammer 40k: Tacticus

In Warhammer: Tacticus, you’ll win free resources by completing missions in the Battle screen, but don’t forget to claim daily login rewards and free coins from the Shop, too. Also, with every new level conquered, you get crates with goodies like Coins, Blackstones, badges, Requisition orders, and much more. Besides that, the Missions tab (on the Home screen) gives more opportunities for claiming great rewards as you build your invincible team of soldiers and complete new tasks, so don’t skip that option as well.

What is Warhammer 40,000: Tacticus?

Warhammer: Tacticus is a tactical strategy mobile game where you face some of the strongest warriors across the universe. You can test your skills in several game modes, including arena fights, salvage runs, guild activities, and main storyline quests. Build your team from the best heroes of different factions and strategically combine their skills to win. Prepare your troops and fight!

If you like mobile games where you can count on codes and free rewards, explore the rest of our dedicated Codes section and check out more articles about the most popular titles for Android and iPhone devices!

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All Warhammer Tacticus Codes: Active and Expired (July 2024) (2024)


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