25 Fun & Easy Halloween Crafts (2024)

What’s the Project? There’s just something about easy Halloween crafts, isn’t there? If that Fall feeling in the air has got you in the mood to get creative and get excited for Halloween, these cute, simple, and fun Halloween craft ideas are going to have you swooning! You’re going to want to make them all!

If you walked into my office/craft room right now you’d see glittery pumpkins, bags of candy corn, and stringy bits of fake spider webs scattered all over my counters.

It’s Halloween crafting time in myworld already and I love it. There’s not a holiday that gets me more excited to hit the stores and come up with creative ideas than Halloween and I’m in the thick of it already.

Are you? Or do you want to be?! Do you love decorating for Halloween?

Either way, these easy Halloween crafts are probably going to put you in the mood to create some fun Halloween projects!

Do those cute Halloween crafts entice you like they do me? They’ve got me ALLLL kinds of excited!

Also, be sure to check out these Halloween craft ideas for kids, preschoolers, and toddlers!

What kind of Halloween crafts do you enjoy? I like cute and glittery and fun-not so much the spooky stuff. You’ll find lots of that here. I can’t wait to get going on more of these Halloween craft ideas and just enjoying the Fall weather and the Fall season.

Who’s with me? Are you ready for these fun Halloween projects? Let’s have a look!

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Where to Get Halloween Craft Supplies (and What to get):

I usually hit up a local craft store to get supplies for my Halloween crafting each year, Michael’s is a great source for fake pumpkins that can be painted, glittered, carved, or decorated in whatever way you’d like in order to make it.

But have you thought to try the dollar store when searching for crafting supplies? That place could be a jackpot! You might even find some cheap decorations that you can spiff up a little with a layer of paint or glitter, ribbon, or whatever else you want to add to it. A thrift store could be a similar option.

Depending on what you want to craft, there are some crafting staples you’re going to need. Here are a few supplies you might want to grab:

  • Craft Paint
  • Glitter (only if you’re a glitter lover like I am)
  • Glue or decoupage
  • Markers or Sharpies
  • Fake pumpkins
  • Googly eyes
  • Wreath forms
  • Fabric
  • Hot glue gun & scissors

What else is a go-to staple for you in your crafting?

25 Easy Halloween Crafts:

Who do you love to craft with? It’s always been a tradition for my kids and I to craft together. Years ago when I lived in Wisconsin near my mother-in-law we would get together and make some fun Halloween decor for our homes too and that was a lot of fun. Or it could make a great Halloween-themed girl’s night out (in) or of course crafts can make a fun activity at a Halloween party, whether it’s for kids or for adults.

I really think you’re going to love these cute and easy Halloween craft ideas for adults. It’s just so much fun to get creative for the holidays, isn’t it? Some of thse are great for kid and others are more for you. Whatever you are looking for, check these out and see what you like and want to craft this year. Pumpkins, spiders, mummies, or ghosts. All of these make great and easy Halloween crafts to try this year.

DIY Halloween Pumpkin Crafts:

These crafts all feature pumpkins in some way or another. Surprise, surprise—pumpkins crafts for Halloween! And not just your average jack-o-lantern either!

Candy Door Hanger

25 Fun & Easy Halloween Crafts (2)

Shadow Box Pumpkins

Confetti Pumpkins

25 Fun & Easy Halloween Crafts (4)

Painted Pumpkin Garland:

25 Fun & Easy Halloween Crafts (5)

Halloween Crafts to Decorate the Home:

Want to make some fun decorations for your home? These are a few good ones and I’ve got more here.

Halloween Cookie Jar

Jack O Lantern String Art

25 Fun & Easy Halloween Crafts (7)

Halloween Sock Gnomes:

Halloween Candy Crafts:

Halloween is all about candy and every year I try to eat my weight in candy corn. Here are some fun crafts that have to do with candy!

Candy Jars

25 Fun & Easy Halloween Crafts (9)

Halloween Candy Jar

25 Fun & Easy Halloween Crafts (10)

Halloween Glitter Candy Jars

Mason Jars turned Treat Jars:

25 Fun & Easy Halloween Crafts (12)

Halloween Wreaths to Make:

Do you love to have a fun wreath on your door for every season? Here are a few fun ideas:

Make a Halloween Wreath with cupcake liners:

Mummy Wreath

25 Fun & Easy Halloween Crafts (14)

Not quite a wreath, but make a cute Embroidery Hoop Art:

25 Fun & Easy Halloween Crafts (15)

Halloween Crafts the Kids Will Love:

These ones are fun for kids, but I’ve also got a full post with Halloween craft ideas for kids here too if you need more!

Mummy Jar

25 Fun & Easy Halloween Crafts (16)

Craft Stick Spiderwebs

25 Fun & Easy Halloween Crafts (17)

Halloween Painted Rocks:

25 Fun & Easy Halloween Crafts (18)

Popsicle Stick Witch and Cat Craft:

25 Fun & Easy Halloween Crafts (19)

Paper Cup Bats:

25 Fun & Easy Halloween Crafts (20)

Popsicle Stick Spiders

25 Fun & Easy Halloween Crafts (21)

Halloween Salt Dough Ornaments:

25 Fun & Easy Halloween Crafts (22)

Halloween Fabric Crafts:

Whether it’s sewing or painting, these fabric crafts are a fun twist on traditional crafting.

Halloween Bleach Dyed T-shirts:

25 Fun & Easy Halloween Crafts (23)

Witch Apron

Sweater Pumpkins

25 Fun & Easy Halloween Crafts (25)

No-Sew Halloween Plushies:

25 Fun & Easy Halloween Crafts (26)

Trick or Treat Bags

25 Fun & Easy Halloween Crafts (27)

OK, so I want to know! Which of these fun and easy Halloween crafts are you going to try first? Who are you going to make them with? A girls’ night would be fun to try some of these fun ideas!

I want to make them all! Maybe if I make a couple each year…

Anyway, I wish you happy crafting!

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25 Fun & Easy Halloween Crafts (2024)


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